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Tracy Lawrence says he can identify with his new video. 

In the country star's clip for the song "Lie," he plays the part of a man who suspects his girlfriend is stepping out, only to discover the friend he's relying on for support is the other man. 

Tracy tells CMT it's a situation he was in when he was in high school -- only in reverse.  Tracy says his friend had just graduated, but he and his friend's girl were still in school.  He explains that he "was supposed to be looking after her," but they "hooked up."  The singer recalls his friend caught them together at a dance and threw a punch that laid him out, and Tracy "never saw it coming." 

But Lawrence says taking the other role for the video has to do with the clip's female lead.  She's one of his kids' dance school teachers.  Tracy explains that he's known her since she was 16, so casting her as his love interest "would've been just too weird." 

"Lie" is the from Tracy's latest album, Headlights, Taillights and Radios, which is in stores now.