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(Yahoo!) - Leave it to a good old language barrier to make an interview super-awkward!

Justin Timberlake was in Brazil to promote his latest flick, "Runner, Runner," when he found himself caught in a super uncomfortable interview with Brazilian TV personality Sabrina Sato from the TV show "Pânico na TV." The TV host spoke extremely broken English, but Timberlake did his best to handle the questions like a pro, even when things took an awkward turn.

Sato asked the "Suit and Tie" singer if he thinks he's the next king of pop and if he thinks he's better than Michael Jackson. Timberlake did his best to put on a professional face. "No," he said chuckling. "I don't think anybody is. Michael Jackson is the best."

But that's only the beginning. Sato compliments J.T.'s dancing skills and tells him he sings and dances "like a black American," asking him if he would "want to learn to samba like a black Brazilian?" Timberlake laughs and turns to his publicist, who rejects Sato's offer to have him dance with her. Ouch!

And as if things weren't bad enough, Sato presented Timberlake with a beautifully wrapped gift. Inside the box? A mold of her rear end autographed for the star! "[It says] with love," Timberlake said. "That's very nice."

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