Just read a story in the Tennessean that really disturbed me.  Had to share.


The Department of Intellecual and Development Disabilities residential program, located in Cookeville, allowed a young man with a history of violence and suicide attempts, to sign himself out of the facility. He's 22 years old with the IQ of 60. Basically, this puts his mind at the same level as an 8 year old.


He texted his mother saying he was "free."


Matthew Baker appears charming and speaks well, but he once held a woman hostage for 5 hours! Again, he has a history of multiple suicide attempts.  The facility originally considered him to be such a danger that he was assigned 2 staff members to watch him 24 hours per day.

The last time he was able to leave a DIDD-contracted home in Memphis, he was shot 9 times by an unknown assailant!


His mother is worried sick. She last heard from him Tuesday night. He was at a hotel room in Memphis. She's afraid he's either going to get hurt, hurt someone else, or die.


Why on Earth would he be allowed to just walk free from this facility? Maybe you can make head's or tails from it, but I can't.


Pray for safety.