Did you hear the story about the mom on the airplane whose 3 year old had an accident in her seat because the flight attendant wouldn’t let her take the kid to the bathroom???  Awful…plane wasn’t even off the ground!!!

But wait! there's more!

The flight attendant then blocked the mother from being able to clean the little girl up.

But it gets better (or worse, as the case may be) ... The flight attendant reported the situation to the pilot, who then made an announcement that they'd have to turn the plane around and go back to the gate because of a non-compliant passenger on board. In addition, Jennifer Deveraux and her two daughters would be taken to security.

Luckily, an off-duty pilot was sitting nearby and after witnessing this ridiculousness, convinced everyone to let Jennifer and her girls stay on the flight.

JetBlue has since apologized, offering Deveraux a $50 credit and $5,000 to be donated to the charity of her choice, reported WBZ-TV in Boston!!

Do you think this makes up for it? What would you expect from Jet Blue?