There were more injuries during the Fourth of July holiday last year than in 2012. An estimated 11,400 people were hurt while handling fireworks, according to the latest figures from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. That's up from 8,700 injuries in 2012.

The main culprits? Sparklers and Bottle Rockets.

As a kid, that's all we were allowed to play with on the Fourth! That stinging sensation when one of the sparks lands on your arm is nothing compared to what it feels like when the hot poker hits your skin!!  Keep an eye on the little ones. Make sure they're supervised at all times, especially if you're handing them a sparkler.

As far as the fireworks viewing goes? Make sure they're a safe distance from where they're being set off!

A trip to the ER is NOT how you want to remember this special holiday. Be safe and be happy!