You can come in with a brand new hair cut and color and it could take your man a week to notice, right?  Maybe it's because he's paying more attention to your feet.

His LEAST favorite shoe is....THE WEDGE!!!

Seriously? How much do you LOVE your sweet wedges??  They're so comfy and cute!  Figures, they'd hate a shoe that gives us a little extra height AND we can walk in!  Please. Do we really need to pay mind to this?  Let's see what these guys were wearing when they were polled. How much do you wanna bet they looked like they got dressed in the dark? ;)

Anyhoooo...Here's the breakdown according to a poll conducted by

1.Wedge shoes -- 71 percent

2. Uggs -- 67 percent

3. Crocs -- 63 percent

4. Platforms -- 58 percent

5. Flip flops -- 55 percent

6. Moccasins -- 49 percent

7. Mary Janes -- 42 percent

8. Ballet shoes -- 37 percent

9. Kitten heels -- 34 percent

10. Sneakers -- 25 percent