Oh Boy!! I bet Daddy is not happy about this at all!! Alexandra Jane Jackson, the daughter of Alan Jackson was arrested early this morning on charges of underage consumption, assault and resisting arrest. G to the O, O to the D. T wih an I, M with an E. That was exactly what she was having! Well...until she got arrested!


Police pulled over the car Alexandra was a passenger in for tailgating and speeding. That's when policed learned Jackson was highly intoxicated. Police said when she exited the vehicle, she started making demands. Alexandra, clearly very angry, struck the officer in the chest and was then told she was going to be placed under arrest, according to police. She struck the officer again and ran to her car to try to get away.

According to police, she brought up her father's name by saying he would do anything to get her out of trouble.

Alexandra was bailed out of jail just before 5 a.m. this morning!!