Music isn't the only art form you're guaranteed to find around Nashville.

Exploring the streets of the city is a surefire way of crossing paths with one of the many murals around town. Music City is riddled with them, and more of this wall-art seems to pop up every single day.

If you're looking for some adventure (and a few artsy "selfies") this summer, we totally suggest finding your FAVORITE local mural. You might as well snap some photos in the process, because these spots are prime locations for "Kodak moments."

Need some help getting started? Here are 13 of our favorite murals around town:

1. Import Flowers

Instagram: @mattthephotographer
Instagram: @mylittleartichoke

Artist: Mark Palen

Location: 3636 Murphy Road, Sylvan Park


2. "Road To The Skyline"

Instagram: @spreadthearts
Instagram: @ciaramontes

Location: 428 Broadway, Downtown Nashville


3. "I Believe In Nashville"

Instagram: @ginamicheletti
Instagram: @kitkatkels23

Artist: Adrien Saporiti/DCXV

Locations: 1400 Clinton Street, as well as 1306 McGavock Pike, and 2706 12th Avenue South


4. "Stay Tuned"

Instagram: @kensliechristine
Instagram: @kendylperkins

Artist: Adrien Saporiti

Location: 625 Main St., East Nashville


5. Rolf & Daughters Mural

Instagram: @_erin_moon_
Instagram: @megan_shipley

Artist: Shantell Martin

Location: 700 Taylor Street, Germantown


6. The Dragon Mural

Instagram: @laurenspoth
Instagram: @jschurm

Artists: David Glick and Adam Randolph

Location: 1212 Belcourt Avenue, Hillsboro Village


7. Kay Bob's Grill & Ale


Instagram: @mads_murph
Instagram: @carolina90_

Location: 1602 21st Avenue South, Hillsboro Village


8. Thistle Stop Cafe

Instagram: @ewoodrum

Location: 5128 Charlotte Avenue, West Nashville


9. Draper James 

Instagram: @voiceschris
Instagram: @jesselabellemusic

Location: 2608 12th Avenue South, 12 South


10. Green Pea Salon

Instagram: @brookealexx
Instagram: @samgramsam

Location: 2900 12th Avenue South, 12 South


11. 12th And Porter

Instagram: @ronaldddavidson
Instagram: @niccirielee

Artist: Kim Kennedy

Location: 114 12th Avenue North


12. Olive And Sinclair 

 Instagram: @thesimplesol
Instagram: @rodeoandcophoto

Artist: Telicia Lee

Location: 1628 Fatherland Street


13. East Nashville

Instagram: @clara.roy
Instagram: @eyepissglitter

Location: 600 Main Street, East Nashville


14.  What Lifts You

Instagram: @rebecca.ralph
Instagram: @mysti_me

Artist: Kelsey Montague

Location: The Gulch


Now it's your chance to go and find YOUR favorite Music City mural, and let us know-- did we miss any?