Would you let The BIG 98 go through your phone for one hundred dollars? You bet you would! 

We promise, it's not creepy... we're not going to go through your pictures or anything. We're just looking for the iHeartRadio app! Starting Monday, March 13th, if we see you out on the streets of Nashville and you have the iHeart App on your phone, we'll hand you 100 bucks on the spot.

Just make sure you have the app downloaded and we'll come find you. 

Click here to download the iHeartRadio app today!

Watch Amy Paige on the Streets give away $100 below:

Tige and Daniel are trying to help you win $100 bucks cash just for having our iHeartRadio app! Make sure to look for us on the streets of Nash + download the app now for your shot at some money! http://thebig98.iheart.com/onair/web-girl-55418/heres-how-you-could-win-100-15649142/

Posted by The BIG 98 on Tuesday, March 21, 2017