How Much Did Gaga Get Paid for Her Half-Time Show?

Believe it or not, Lady Gaga performed at this year's HISTORICAL Super Bowl half-time show, in front of 100 million viewers, for FREE. NFL doesn't pay the artists to perform. However, they DO cover expenses and production costs. Which would explain why the lighting, special effects, etc are off the charts. 

According to Forbes, total production costs in the history of the "Big Game" ranged anywhere from $600,000 to $10 million. Want to see where that money goes? Let's look back on a couple of awesome Super Bowl half-time shows.

Coldplay Superbowl 50 (2016) - Courtesty of MD YouTube

Bruno Mars - Super Bowl 48 (2014) - Courtesy of NBA MLB YouTube

Beyonce Super Bowl 47 (2013) Courtesy of Turtle Goddess YouTube

Money well spent, right? Killer productions! So, why would the artist agree to play this gig at no cost? The big payoff. 

1) National attention 

Less than 24 hours following her killer performance, Lady Gaga announced The Joanne World Tour. She had to have earned some new fans, who might consider buying a ticket to see her in their town. 

2) Record sales

Record boosting music sales for the artist have been reported following these Super Bowl Half-Time performances.

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