Nashville Mom Raises $1.1 Million To Fight For Her Son's Life

Melissa Hogan, one of the four mothers that co-founded Project Alive, is fighting to find a cure for Hunter Syndrome and save her son. 

Melissa's son Case has Hunter Syndrome, a rare genetic disease that causes the continuing loss of physical and mental functions. The rare condition affects 2,000 kids worldwide -- primarily boys. The majority of the children affected do not survive to their teen years. 

Case - Nashville, TN

Project Alive signed a contract to produce the gene vector for the clinical trial in December of 2017. This is the trial that could save Case's life. 

Project Alive created the #15byMay15 campaign and encouraged people to text to donate or donate online to Project Alive Gene Therapy.

"Since May 15th is International MPS Awareness Day (Hunter Syndrome is MPS II), we launched the #15byMay15 campaign with the idea that if 100,000 people donated only $15 each, we could finish funding this trial," Melissa shared with iHeartRadio. 

While Project Alive has already raised $1.1 Million already, they are still $1.5M shy of being able to fully fund the trial. 

This is where YOU can help!

To learn more about Project Alive, Hunter Syndrome, and get involved, visit

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