When Child Has Meltdown Aldi Employee Reacts

Credit Source: PopSugarMoms

Maybe that person staring at you, as your child has a full-on-melt-down-hissy-fit in the middle of produce, isn't judging you. Maybe they're empathizing. When your toddler has a tantrum in public, the situation can become really uncomfortable. 

Ashley Holmes was grocery shopping with her two kids, when her 3 year old lost his cool and threw a major tantrum (that's why they call them "threen-agers"). People stared, of course they did, and all Ashley wanted to do was jet out of Aldi, but somehow managed to tough it out and finish her list.

While loading her items into her car, Ashley was approached by an Aldi employee. She'd expected a scolding or some judgmental comment, but those words were never spoken. The woman presented Ashley with a bouquet of yellow roses saying, "We thought you deserve these," and "I hope your day gets better." They exchanged a hug as Ashley was almost brought to tears. had actually brought her yellow roses from the store and said, "We thought you deserve these." She added, "I hope your day gets better," before giving the mom a hug. Ashley said the simple gesture almost brought her to tears.

Amy Paige

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