Bump List: Random Passenger List Isn't 'Random'

A list is created “just in case” before those cargo doors close.

Based on customer information, a computer will pull several passengers names to be bumped, if need be. If you’re traveling with your family, have a connecting flight or you’re a “frequent premium flier,” your chances of winding up on the “bump list” are slim. The plan is to create a list, just in case, but never have to use it. Airlines will usually offer incentives (vouchers) to people who volunteer to stay behind and wait for the next flight.


What can get you kicked off a plane?

Airlines are legally allowed to remove or refuse passengers for many reasons. Smoking on a flight will get you tossed. There’s also verbiage in their contracts that entitle the airline to remove passengers who are barefoot, drunk or smell bad.


Amy Paige

Amy Paige

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