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Jason AldeanLittle Big TownDierks Bentley

Brantley GilbertRascal FlattsOld Dominion

Jake OwenDarius RuckerLady Antebellum

Kelsea BalleriniBobby Bones and the Raging IdiotsKip Moore

I'm headed to Austin this weekend for our iHeartCountry Festival to bring y'all the fun and excitement from behind the scenes with Billy Greenwood! I'll need your help coming up with some fun or informative questions! If you could ask any of these artists a question, who and what would it be? It could be music related, something personal or just downright silly and random. You know me, I'll ask anyone anything.   Also, is there someone you'd like to see collaborate? Suggest a song! It can be an original or a cover. 

Here's what I've come up with so far. Tell me if any of these questions are "lame" or could cause the artist to hate me. Thanks! - oxoxo Amy Paige 

Jason Aldean - 1) Why don't you like going barefoot? Did you step on a nail or something? Is there a sixth toe? 2) What would be something fans DON'T KNOW about you? (Album title: They Don't Know") Pick a topic: A) High School B) Tattoos C) I have an unhealthy fear of ___________. 

Little Big Town - 1) What was the first concert you ever saw? 2) Kimberly, best product to keep hair curly and not frizzy? 3) Backstage noshing? 4) What is your favorite NON-LBT song to harmonize with? 

Dierks Bentley - 1) Did you get to see your wife in that "get-up" she wore before you shot the video for "Black?" 2) Which festival performer do YOU think is most likely to go on a late night taco run after the show? 3) What festival do you remember going to before hitting it big? 3) You've credited the move from Phoenix to Boarding school in NJ for your love of country music. How did you stumble on country music in the land of diners and fist pumping?

Brantley Gilbert - 1) At one time, you worked with kids who have special needs. Are you involved in any charities to benefit that specific cause? 2) Devil Don't Sleep. Any scary movies that made you lose sleep when you were a kid? 3) Tour Bus fun. What was the last movie y'all watched on the bus? 

Rascal Flatts - 1) New album is called, "Back to Us." Is there a TV theme song that brings you BACK to the kids you were? 2) One of the songs on the new album features Lauren Alaina, discovered on American Idol. If you HAD to be on a reality show would it be one that was competitive? Housewives? Etc? 3) Yours if You Want It - A million dollars or one more day with someone you really miss? Which would you take (danger...could be a "Debbie Downer!")? 4) Which one of you takes the longest to get ready for a show? (Recovery from buzz kill question) 

Old Dominion - 1) What's up with BIG FOOT (No Such Thing As A Broken Heart artwork)? Who broke his heart? Who would be the perfect girl for Sasquatch? 2) Best advice anyone ever gave you? 3) Do you have a favorite game? Cards Against Humanity? 3) Who's set do you want to watch? 4) If had room for a 6th member of the band, who would you pick from our festival line-up?

Jake Owen - 1) Dad, Baby girl and the Girlfriend (obviously). 2) How do you work out on the road. 3) When was the last time you went to sonic or waffle house? 4) If I wanted to be "Good Company," what would I show up at your house with?

Darius Rucker - 1) Has anyone ever tracked your down by the sound of your laugh (I'm slightly obsessed)? 2) Recently filmed an episode of Undercover Boss in Austin (Premieres May 12 on CBS). Worst boss ever story? 3) If I Told You that I always wanted to feel your head, would you let me? **and if that doesn't KILL the interview** 4) Thanks for all you do to help St Jude. We love you. xo

Lady Antebellum - 1) You Look Good is the perfect song to do squats to. Have you tried? 2) Heartbreak comes out June 9th. What's the best way to get over a broken heart? Ben and Jerry's? Revenge? Find someone hotter? 3) What's the hardest part about being working Moms and Dads? 

Kelsea Ballerini - 1) How many pairs of shoes did you bring for the festival? A) If you weren't on stage, what shoes would be best for a festival? B) Does your fiance embrace your love of shoes? C) Do you have more awards than shoes at this point (been racking them up! Awesome)? 2) Who made the first move and how long did it take? 3) An awesome role model for girls every where. What would you like to see us girls doing more of or improving? 4) 1) You're amazing friends with Kip Moore. When you did you meet him and how often do y'all hang out?


Bobby Bones and the Raging Idiots - 1) You spent so much time here. How many people are stuffed on the bus waiting to reconnect?  2) What's the strangest thing you've ever found on your tour bus (or in your trailer) after a gig? 3) What was the first song you and Eddie ever wrote together? 4) Anyone ever been angry with you for making a parody of their song? 5) If you could jump on stage with any of these performers (probably performed with already), who would it be? #PimpinJoy all day, errr day! 

Kip Moore - 1) Mentioned having a crush on Shania Twain. Latest single is, "More Girls Like You." If you wanted "More Girls Like Shania," would a leopard onesie give a girl an advantage? Belly button ring? A) Sing a Shania song right now, which one? Medley in the set? 2) Excited for new music...album, etc? 3) What's different about playing a festival from your own headlining gig? 4) You and Kelsea are friends. How do you feel about wedding hook-ups? 4) We have a common pet peeve. 


Email or comment below! 

This. Is. Going. To. Be. Awesome!!!! 

Amy Paige

Amy Paige

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