15 Signs You're Not From Nashville #615Day

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15 Signs You're NOT REALLY From Nashville


1. You spend every weekend on Broadway. 

The made-up Barbie Dolly Partons with mini skirts and purple cowboy boots that line Broadway on Friday and Saturday nights are not usually Nashville natives. Now, we DO like to dress up and go honky-tonkin’ every once in a while. But we know about the less tourist-y dive bars and only indulge in the stereotypical NashVegas Broadway culture when friends come to visit.

2. You don’t talk to people in the line at the grocery store.

You know when someone’s from out of state when they don’t engage in a conversation with you about the weather while in line at Kroger. Nashville is one big southern town where everybody wants to know everybody’s business.

3. You don’t know that Opry Mills was once a theme park.

If you’re reading this and you’re thinking, “What? Opry Mills was once a theme park?” you might not be a Nashvillian.

4. You don’t say ma'am and sir. 

If you’re from Nashville, you grew up with ma’am and sir so ingrained in your brain that you’ll forget some northern women take unnecessary offense to it.

5. You say “you guys" instead of "y'all."

6. You‘ve paid for every concert you’ve been to.

If you live in Nashville and you’ve never witnessed a crowd of thousands of sweaty drunkards squeezed onto Division, you’re not actually from Nashville. Disregard the $15 parking and overpriced Bud Lights – you get to see Jake Owen (BMI back lot) Brothers Osborne, The Cadillac Three and more for free (tickets to see Cadillac Three at Ryman here)!

 7. You’ve never tried singing or playing an instrument.

If you’re from Nashville, you’ve dreamed of becoming a rockstar at some point in your life. 

8. You’ve never had a Goo Goo cluster.

They’ve been around since 1912 and they’re sold in just about every Cracker Barrel around the country. If you’ve never had this Nashville-made milk chocolate-caramel-peanut treat, you’re likely not American, but you’re definitely not from Nashville.

9. You’ve never met a college dropout who’s pursuing music.

Let’s face it – not every Belmont student is academically cut out to be a Belmont student. But most can pick up a guitar and strum out “Wonderwall” by Oasis.

10. You think it’s weird that a movie theatre would sell booze.

Ain’t nothin’ better than a glass of wine, an oversized bag of almonds and an indie film. Welcome to Belcourt Theatre, where sipping a whiskey sour while watching a Wes Anderson movie isn’t as strange as it sounds.

11. You’re still going to iHOP when you want pancakes.

Why waste $5 on a soggy iHOP pancake when you can spend a few more bucks on a pancake experience you can’t get anywhere else? You can wait in line for an hour on 21st street just to get a bite of The Pancake Pantry’s fluffy buttermilk cakes, or you can sit down and treat yourself to all the pancakes you can eat with every imaginable topping at PFunky Griddle. Nashvillians don’t settle for just any breakfast food.

12. You’re still going to Starbucks for every cup of coffee.

Every real Nashville coffee connoisseur knows that Barista Parlor’s organic free-trade coffee is the most delicious around. Then there's Bongo Java, Just Love and Edgehill. Too many amazing choices!!

13. You don’t know what a meat & three is.

One choice of meat three sides = a southern staple. It’s not that difficult. You'll figure it out.

14. You think The Pharmacy is only a place you go to pick up prescriptions. 

The only prescription East Nasty’s burger joint The Pharmacy prescribes is happiness. That’s pure, juicy, sinful happiness that comes in the form of ice-cold beer and greasy cheeseburgers.

15. You’ve never seen an Elvis impersonator and have no clue who the Bang This Twins are!


16. You have no idea how much we love HOCKEY!!

We throw catfish on the ice, fill every seat at EVERY game and this season, went all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals. The love we have for our Nashville Predators is indescribable.  We stand with them and you will too! PS. Learn the Cellblock 303 chants.


But hey...we're the "Friendliest City in America" so, here are some things our locals love about the hottest our amazing city. 

Amanda Brock The downtown monthly art crawl and art show at Bellemeade Plantation (first Thursday of every month) with wine and snacks!

John Layne The Broadway scene no other place like it

Steve Basic Walking along Broadway, the River, Music Row. The food!

Jane Bradley All the great free music!

Chester Reed Grand Ole Opry is a good choice and The Ryman too!

Jason Rockwood Lower Broad

Chester Reed Ryman Auditorium too!

Andrea Hittle Parthenon and Nashville Public Libraries!

John W. Welter Sense of Community

Kenneth Hadley Spotlight 615!

Mike Crosby Radnor Park

Denise Gundzik All the farmers markets.

Scott Stevens Grand old opry

Andrea Hittle Food Scene!! Mas Tacos, Prince's Hot Chicken, Midtown Cafe, Arnold's , Five Daughter's Bakery, Lockeland Table, Holland House, Etch, Jimmy Kelly's and I Dream of Weinie

Mary Floyd Ledcke Team BIG 98 for St Jude Children's Research Hospital!

Feel free to comment with your name, where you live and what YOU love about Nashville.

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