*LIST* Don’t Use These Beauty Products Every Day

"OMG!!! I love (insert beauty product here)! I use it EVERY DAY! "

Maybe learn to love it a little less? Some things aren’t meant to be a part of our daily routine and using your "OMG, I LOVE IT SO MUCH" product can actually do more harm than good. 

Here are a few things to consider using only a couple times a week. 

Dry shampoo - Kelsea Ballerini SWEARS by it, but overuse can leave those locks damaged. A buildup of too much can cause breakage, so don’t use dry shampoo more than two days in a row.

Deep conditioner - How deep is YOUR love? Believe it or not, deep conditioner, more than once or maybe twice a week, can actually make your hair MORE dry and lead to breakage. If you feel like your strands still need more love, add a once a week coconut oil treatment instead.

Medicated lip balm - “Overuse can cause your lips to rely on the medication to stay moisturized,” dermatologist Annie Chui “Use them until you are no longer chapped, and then switch to a regular lip balm.”

Makeup primer - Sure, it leaves your skin smooth and makes a perfect base for smooth, even foundation, but the ingredients that create that flawless look don’t make your skin happy. Chiu says the silicone in primer could clog pores and lead to breakouts, so spare your skin and save this for special occasions.

Waterproof mascara - These formulas tend to dry out lashes, so use them sparingly, especially if you're prone to picking it off while watching TV. 

Self-tanner - Too much faux glow (self-tanner) can leave you looking like Magda from “Something About Mary!” Also, the active ingredient in most self-tanners is DHA, which is linked to potential DNA damage, so save the sun-kissed look for specific occasions.

Source: Women's Health

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