Hypnosis: I Stopped Hiding & Finally Quit Smoking

I work out. I run half-marathons and lead a team who raise money for children with cancer at St Jude and yes, I smoked. Don't ask why I started. I guess it was a bonding thing with childhood friends, who quit at least a decade before I did.

Maybe you didn't know about my dirty little secret. I was embarrassed, ashamed and sacrificed precious time and energy to keep it hidden (especially from my children). 

Here are some examples:

  • Driving around the block to sneak a smoke. 
  • Rushing bedtime with my children so I could get outside and "decompress." 
  • Finding sneaky smoke spots where I can hide from neighbors, PTO Moms, etc.
  • Heading to the bowels of our parking garage far away from judgmental co-workers who would shame me as I took my "break." 
  • Seeking out hiding spots to stash my smokes. Wondering if my kids were going to find them. Are any cigarettes missing? Did one of my kids take one out to try themselves? 
  • Do I smell like smoke? Are they going to know? 
  • Shivering in the freezing cold, sucking on a stoke, watching friends enjoying the warmth of a fun moment inside.
  • Hating myself for welcoming toxins into my life, as I tried to help sick children at St Jude who would give anything to have theirs taken away.

I had to stop. Tuesday, August 15, 2017 - in a vacant parking lot, I fired up my iPad, put on my headphones, connected with my video conference and in 2 hours, I was free. HYPNOSIS works. 

I couldn't wait to share the news. 


The number of likes, loves etc skyrocketed! Direct messages, emails, texts started coming in from "closet smokers" who wanted to be "free."

I figured a Q&A via Facebook Live would help.


Feel free to reach out if you want the information of the person who helped set me free. The money and time were both well spent! AmyPaige@iHeartMedia.com 

Amy Paige

Amy Paige

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