"The world is full of nice people. If you can't find one, BE one." That's what Lauren Alaina's twitter profile reads and she certainly "walks the walk." 

Lauren Alaina knelt down to greet a little boy as he made his way through a "meet and greet" line at a festival in Indiana. Without skipping a beat, she took his hands and put them on her face. This little boy, AJ, is seven years old and blind. His Mother had taken him to meet his first country celebrity and they couldn't have picked a better "first."

According to SoundsLikeNashville.com, AJ's mother claims country music kept her son happy and calm as he went through many surgeries and struggles.

His mother, Heather DeLaine Hillebrand, posted on Facebook: 

The grateful Mother went on to say the memory of seeing her son connect with Alaina is unforgettable. 

More pictures and the full story here.