Don't Touch That! Worst Germs On an Airplane & at the Airport

The friendly skies might go a little overboard with the sharing of the germs. And, you worry about recycled air blowing in your face! 

Here are the top three things to worry about on the plane . . .

1.  The "flush" button in the airplane bathroom.  On average, they have about 95,000 CFUs per square inch.  That stands for "colony-forming units."  95,000 is almost five times as much bacteria as you'll find in the average kitchen sink.


2.  Your tray table, just under 12,000 CFUs.

3.  Your seat belt.  Specifically the buckle.  Just over 1,000 CFUs.

But the thing you really need to worry isn't on the plane.  It's one of the first things you touch at the AIRPORT.  

Here are three things to worry about BEFORE you board . . .

1.  The self check-in kiosks.  The screens had an average of 255,000 CFUs.  So almost three times as many as the "flush" button.  And one they tested had over a MILLION.

2.  The armrests on the chairs at your gate, 22,000 CFUs.  That's slightly higher than what you'd find in a kitchen sink.

3.  The button on water fountains, 19,000 CFUs.

Long story short, you won't find a better travel companion than sanitizer!


Amy Paige

Amy Paige

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