Stress Relief: Nashville Gets Very First Rage Room

Yes! Nashville has officially arrived. We've got our very first Rage Room. Field trip? 18 and over please. 

Bash-Ville is one of many "rage rooms" that are springing up all over the world. Originating overseas, their popularity is rapidly growing here in the United States. 

Grab a bat (or any other weapon of destruction provided) and start swinging (after donning your protective gear, of course). Feel your stress slip away with each "crash, smash and pow." 

Tell me you didn't want to bash your computer in it's monitor face after giving it the hard boot 8 times, only to wait and stare at that spinning wheel of death for what felt like an hour, right? There would be some pretty hefty consequences if you destroyed your employers property, but at Bash-Ville, revenge awaits with no price tag (other than the price of admission).

They've got computers, T.V.'s, tape cassettes, walk-men players etc. 

Here's an example of what to expect, before you take a swing at it. 


Stress can be all consuming. This allows you to let off some steam without hurting someone you care about or yourself.

Admission is $25. Find out more information or make an appointment HERE

NOTE: Spring cleaning? The company says you're free to bring your own "Bashables!" Just call ahead with a list of what you'll be showing up with. You can also email and drop off. List of acceptable items are on the website. 

Amy Paige

Amy Paige

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