Passenger Shaming: Inconsiderate Travelers Caught in the Act

Stumbled upon this fun instagram account and had to share. It was created by a former flight attendant and has made Rolling Stone's Top 100 Best Instagram Accounts. 

Let's just hope THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN TO YOU!!!


When you reach for the seat belt and pull THOSE out! WHAT?? Yes. They're teeth. 

Feet seem to be a BIGGIE on this list of nasty....


Because everyone breathing that recycled air needs to inhale whatever that is you're drying in your underpants. GROSS. 


How many of these have YOU run into? Unflushed toilet, CHECK. Feet on tray table, CHECK. Narcissistic loud talker, CHECK. Screen shot this baby and take it with you the next time you catch a flight. 

Let's just hope that Dirty Diaper in the Seat-Back remains UNCHECKED!! 

Amy Paige

Amy Paige

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