20 Years After Passing: She Believes This Message Was From Her Mom

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Mother's Day was pretty awesome - for SO many reasons. I don't always say that, as some years being without my Mom is harder than others. She was 54 years old when she passed. However, this year she sent me a message. You might call it "coincidence." I call it "validation." I believe some things definitely happen by chance, but I'm choosing "by design," for this one. Love never dies. 

 My social post below explains the "message." 

The rest will serve as a snapshot of a fun-filled whirlwind day of spoiling mama. I'm blessed with more than I deserve including a thoughtful husband and joyful children. Please share your stories of love from beyond. It makes my heart happy. 

Sometimes you get a “gift” from beyond. Lucky me. Mine came on Mother’s Day. My mother loved Fiddler on the Roof. She...

Posted by Amy Paige on Sunday, May 13, 2018

As per my request, the day began with High Tea at home. Hubby whipped up some scones, muffins, finger sandwiches and more. Yes, he's available for hire. We have braces and camp coming up here. 

Planning for a #RoyalWedding watch party? Apparently, my hubby has mad #HighTea skills. I’m not opposed to pimpin’ him out! Camp and braces coming. 💵 LMK as soon as possible, so I can make him think it was HIS idea. 😉 #SconesAndJam #FingerSandwiches #HighTeaAtHome #WhoKnew #MothersDay #LuckyMom #SmartWife

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Consignment shopping is ALWAYS on Mommy's list of things to-do, but it's usually a rush job. We hit up Vintage Market Nashville in Bellevue. This little lady came home with us. Her name is "Country Rose," and she was the first in a series of Grand Ole Opry Barbie's that came out in 1997. 

Ain’t she purdy? @opry @barbie @mattel #CountryRose #TreasureHunt #ConsignmentStore #Score #MothersDay #Firsts #Nashville #SundayFunday

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A somber "keeping it real," post about my Mother. This came ahead of her Mother's day "gift," to me. Maybe she felt my sorrow? 

I can’t find any pictures of my Mom looking older. There aren’t any. Year after year, to my dismay, her face remains the same. She never wanted to look old, yet here I am, wishing I could see the lines on her face progressively deepen. Grateful for the time I had with my mother - but to anyone who has lost someone they love - it’s never long enough. 99% of the time, I keep it sunny side up. But I also believe 100% in keeping it real. Happy Mother’s Day. Cherish time spent with the ones you love and embrace those deepening lines. #MothersDay #AMothersLove #TooSoon #Heaven #Wisdom #LifeLessons #KeepItReal

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A little levity following such a heavy post. Good Times was one of Mom's favorite shows. The character, Florida Evans, always reminds me of Mom. 

On a less serious Mother’s Day note: Florida Evans always reminded me of my Mom. #GoodTimes #SistahFromADifferentMistah #doppelganger #CallMeCrazy

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Blessings were counted. Their joy will ALWAYS be my greatest reward. 

Their joy is my greatest reward. #ProudMama #MothersDay #MamasMonkeys #WorkInProgress #LearningAsWeGo #AMothersLove

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