YouTube: Online Predator Used Comments To Manipulate My Child

Please protect your children. We weren't more than 50 feet away from our daughter, when she made this live YouTube video and was trolled by an online child predator. 

My daughter is obsessed with slime. She loves watching YouTube videos that show how to make it, play with it, add unique items to it, etc. She loved it so much, she wanted to give it a shot. I allow my children to express themselves creatively on video. I'm usually around and we USUALLY save the recording for private playback and giggles.

One day, while we were out doing some yard work, she realized she could be just like her idols and create her own LIVE How To Make Slime YouTube video. She had just come from the pool...her hair was a mess, she was still in her bathing suit. NOT an invitation of any kind - especially since she's 8. 

I honestly had no idea about these videos, until a friend tipped me off by expressing concern and mentioning that one of the videos had been removed, but wasn't sure why. When I investigated further - I found this comment beneath the remaining video. 

As I viewed the video, which did NOT have live comments available to read - it appeared to that someone was instructing my child to do "gymnastics" poses like straddling the floor and other moves that seem innocent to an 8 year old girl, but were far from it.

I began browsing through the user's profile and found a bizarre playlist of videos, mostly featuring young girls. This person left strange comments enticing other young female YouTube users to do weird challenges that could result in harm. 

This sick person understands that guilt and disappointment are powerful tools when it comes to manipulating children to get what you're asking for. 


I immediately reported the user to YouTube - who said the comment "offensive in nature" would be deleted, but it's still there. I've since made the video private and had a very important conversation with my children about the situation. 

I likened the internet to the ocean. It's SO big - and there's no end to it. You can't tell where the sharks are, so it's never really "safe," unless - Mommy and Daddy are there to keep an eye out for them. Please don't go swimming without us. We can't help you if we don't know you're in the water.

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