Complete Transparency: Carrie Underwood is Human

I can’t tell you that I know what it feels like to experience the heartache that comes from having a miscarriage. I can't even begin to wrap my head around the emotions that come with something that traumatic.  What I can tell you, is that it takes a lot of courage to share that kind of unfathomable pain and when you do, you might find it brings healing to you and others who have "been there too." 

As the world looks on, Carrie Underwood continues to evolve as a superstar and human. 

Vulnerability is something we all share. It's what truly makes us human and after watching CBS Sunday Morning this weekend, there's no denying that Carrie Underwood is a brave and beautiful human. With complete transparency she confessed the only place she truly feels settled is at home in Checotah, OK. She told the reporter, "I sleep." For all the joy and healing the gift of her music has brought to MILLIONS worldwide, she's MORE than entitled to a peaceful slumber no matter where she lay her head, right? 

Carrie Underwood's entire world is exposed. The spotlight is always on. How do you keep it from shining on those things you're not quite ready to share? 

2017 was devastating for Carrie. We'd heard about the fall outside of her home that resulted in over 40 stitches on her face.  But, had no idea, over the past two years, she'd suffered the loss of three pregnancies. Any one of those events would have been enough to force someone into hiding for eternity. 

Somehow, Carrie Underwood found her way through the darkness, ironically while the spotlight shined even brighter than the sun. As a result, we find a woman who's not only courageous enough to share her innermost feelings on national TV, but she's also embedded them within the songs on her new album.

"Cry Pretty" is extremely personal and -- just like Carrie Underwood -- is extraordinary. 

God Bless you, mama. Sleep well. 

Amy Paige

Amy Paige

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