No Judgement Please. Just Prayers.

I got word that my Father was involved in an altercation that resulted in a broken hip.

My Father lives in a small town on Long Island in NY.  He pulled in front of the bank. There were two parking spots. Another car pulled ahead, placed himself in between both spots and didn't move. My father, behind him, gives a courtesy "honk," (typical and common in NY) signaling for the gentleman to pull his vehicle ahead so he could fit into the spot without blocking the driveway to the bank. The man doesn't move. Once again, Dad gives a honk and does a hand gesture to "move up." Again, very common communication in NY. The man doesn't move. Granted, my Dad could have easily pulled around to find another spot, but there were none. It's the holidays. Everything is's NY. Finally, the man's wife gets out of the vehicle and motions for her husband to move up. He moves his vehicle about a foot ahead. My father still can't clear the bank's driveway that leads to the drive-thru and ATM. Hence, another blow of the horn. That's when the man exited his vehicle and approached my father's car (yelling and cursing). This would be very alarming in ANY OTHER CITY BUT NY. Just saying...which is why my father wasn't afraid to get out and show the man how much space he still had to move up. Normally, both parties involved would throw their hands up and return, shaking their heads in disgust, to their own vehicles. However, this man proceeded to spit at my Dad and when my father went to shield his face, he was shoved to the ground and broke his hip. 

In 78 years, my father has never broken a bone in his body or slept overnight in a hospital bed. He's spent a lifetime of countless hours visiting other people in the hospital (my Mother, Grandmother, Grandfather etc.), but this is the first time HE'S the one bed ridden. He's not taking it well. He's also fighting the idea of rehabilitation post surgery. We're insisting he goes. 

He's scheduled for surgery at 1 p.m. today. Please refrain from taking sides in this situation and simply pray for the best possible outcome. Right or wrong, he's my Dad and I love him.

With much gratitude and love, 

Amy Paige 

Amy Paige

Amy Paige

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