Caught Some Flirty Humpback Whales in Action

This will absolutely take your breath away. You can only imagine how awesome it was being 10 feet from FOUR HUMPBACK WHALES!

Just getting back from a whirlwind family vacation on the New England Coast. We did Martha's Vineyard for two days, Boston for two, Portland, ME for a day and a 1/2 (MEH) and ended with 2 1/2 days in Bar Harbor (my personal favorite).

My husband did an awesome job planning family fun events in each city.

Our favorite, hands down, was a whale watching excursion toward the latter end of our trip, in Bar Harbor. When it comes to kids the rule is "under-promise and over deliver." So, we did our best to downplay our excitement when mentioning the whale watching tour we had booked. which also required an extra early wake-up.

Talk about over-delivering!! All credit goes to Bar Harbor Whale Watching tours - who went further than usual (into Canada) to ensure a mind-blowing experience.

What a show! We saw four humpback whales, who seemed pretty comfortable with us hanging around as they did their "whale thing." These creatures are massive and beautiful. They swam beside us - two on one side - two on the other. At one point, they disappeared under the boat (which freaked me out a bit).

And, then - we saw the coolest thing ever. Apparently, one of these whales was feeling a little flirty.

According to, "pec slapping" is one way that whales communicate. Females may flirtaciously "pec slap" to attract a male's attention. Looks like her new boyfriend got the signal and decided to look for a little more privacy- leaving us with a fabulous view of his "fluke!"

We really can't say enough good things about Bar Harbor Whale Watching Co. If you're ever in Bar Harbor, ME - definitely book your tour through them.

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