Two Year Old Boy Disappears Beyond the Flaps on Baggage Carousel

Unbelievable. Every mother's worst nightmare and she's thinking, "I hope he enjoys the ride."

Apparently, this 2 year old boy, decided to jump on the baggage carousel at the Atlanta airport. We see him fall onto the conveyor and then disappear behind the rubber flaps. His mother, said she wanted to jump on and grab him, but said "they" wouldn't allow her. She then proceeded to say, "I was freaking out. I hope he's okay. I hope he enjoys the ride."

Some comments on the video:

  • "That Momma was just standing there looking stupid, I would be jumping and looking like I had the Holy Ghost in me if my kid was on a conveyor belt out of sight! Although I wouldn't let my kid out of my sight to begin with!"
  • "That boy just got free ride."
  • "Notice the machine on the right @ 3:08 min. that the boy goes thru. It’s called a Vertisorter it could have cycled and crushed him. Very very lucky."

Would you be that calm if this happened to your child?

Video courtesy of 11Alive's YouTube.

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