Smart-Bed with Built in Theater Screen Takes Binge Watching Next Level

I would never leave my bed. Ever.

Binge watching just went next level with this "smart-bed." Italian furniture "Hi-Interiors" have introduced the follow up to their original smart-bed design known as "The HiCan."

To say the "HiBed" comes with "bells and whistles" would be a gross understatement.

According to a press release, this second generation "cocoon" that "syncs with your smart device," comes equipped with:

  • An HD projector
  • 70-inch theater screen
  • built-in sound system
  • invisible speakers
  • built-in wifi connection
  • voice control
  • dimmable lighting
  • adjustable base
  • motorized blackout curtains

Oh Yeah...and THIS too:

Do you like a little binge eating along with your binge watching? Concerned that you might unknowingly pack on some pounds? This bed is on top of it.

The HiBed is also fitted with biometric monitors that track your weight.

The Price of Dreamy Paradise:

Pre-orders are being taken for The HiBed which starts at $13,800. The bed itself isn't available until next year, soooo....

Hi iNeed a second job.

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