Kelly Clarkson Brought to Tears by Garth Brooks

We're feeling you Kelly, we're feeling you! How could you NOT cry when Garth Brooks sings THAT SONG?

Garth stopped by Kelly Clarkson's talk show and had her bawling in no time. He performed snippets of his favorite covers. Could you imagine? Garth Brooks singing Bob Seeger, James Taylor, Otis Redding - to your face? But, it was that last song that really got Kelly's emotions revving.

To Make You Feel My Love. One of the most beautiful love songs ever written - even more beautiful when Garth's singing it with his eyes closed.

It's every fan's dream.

"If you would have told me as a kid, that moment would have happened," Kelly shared. "I'm sorry, whoo! I just can't believe my life sometimes."

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