Sign Outside Restroom Threatens Employees with a "Smell Check"

Do it or get off the pot - right? Time is money!!!

This photo showed up on Reddit and the thread of comments are hilarious. Although, no one has confirmed whether or not the note was posted in jest, it does make you think. Are employees spending too much time in the bathroom checking social media when they should be doing their job? A "quick check" on replies to a recent status update - can easily turn into 20 minutes of wasted time. What could have been accomplished in that amount of time? How many employees are doing this? How many times a day? Is it hurting business?

Yes. The thought of this note being posted where you work is outrageous. However, if a company notices a sudden decline in sales, productivity etc - should they be allowed to hold employees accountable and subjected to a smell check?

If not, then how would you prevent these extended "fake potty breaks" from happening daily?

If so, what would the starting salary for the official "Sniffer" be and would you hire from within or go outside of the company?

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