Stranded Teen Believes University of Tennessee Shirt Saved His Life

Can't miss that Tennessee orange! Go BIG O!

Two Brentwood Academy students, along with two faculty members from the school, found themselves in grave danger when the fishing boat they were on capsized.

Garrett Crouch is a senior at BA. And, he thanks his lucky stars he was wearing his favorite team's shirt that day.

Crouch is convinced that "attention getting" bright orange is what saved them.

The four, part of a group of 30, had traveled to Costa Rica as part of a "Winterim" program, made available to Brentwood Academy's high school students annually. About two hours into a fishing excursion, winds began gusting up to 40 MPH. The 16-foot fishing boat just couldn't handle the rough water and before it sank completely - the two students and their teachers made the decision to jump ship. While stranded in the water, their boat now upside down, they attempted swimming to shore - but the winds and giant waves were just too much to battle.

Wearing life-jackets, they stood on top of the capsized boat for a couple of hours. A nearby boat eventually spotted them and brought the group safely back to shore.

Crouch told the Tennessean, "Being a Tennessee fan probably saved my life."

More details here.

Brentwood Academy Teens Boat Capsizes in Costa Rica

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