Storytime LIVE with The Obama's: What's Missing?

I can't be the only one who noticed this.

First of all, this couple is adorable. Clearly, Michelle and Barack genuinely enjoy each other's company. Look at those goofy grins. Maybe they need to write a book on how to maintain THAT after almost 28 years of marriage, right?

Now, about those bare shelves in the background? A quick trip to Home Goods for some knick knacks and Michaels for a couple of picture frames would definitely help fill in those gaps, right? In their defense, I can't imagine they have a ton of "spare time," as they've both stayed super busy post-Presidency. I'm more than happy to volunteer my services. Any excuse to hit up my two favorite "happy places."

The Obama's reading of "The Word Collector" was part of a family read-a-long series through the Chicago Library. Again, they're best friends. Michelle remembers her first trip to the library, and playfully teases her husband by comparing his “bigger” ears to the ears of the book’s main character Jerome… who loves words just like the former United States president!

“This book is one of my favorites,” writes Michelle in the caption of the video. “It brings me back to being a little kid, making my way through the stacks at our neighborhood library, discovering new worlds, and losing myself in the magic of words.”

Listen to Jane Lynch, Oprah, Suze Orman and other celebrities "Live From The Library" on the CPL website.

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