Brad Paisley Bought Every Beer on the Shelf and Sent it to These Two Guys

Ladies and gentleman, this is how it's done. Brad Paisley recognized!

This picture has been getting a lot of attention. Have you seen it? It's two guys, drinking beer on the front lawn, next to a sign that says, "black or white, relax and have a beer."

This message of unity touched Brad Paisley's heart. Not only did he send them an entire store's worth of beer, but he also arranged a ZOOM call to personally tell them what a big fan he is.

"Man, I am so thrilled to meet you, face to face like this,” Brad said. “I’m so inspired by you, and we thought we should deliver more beer than you could possibly drink. This is going to be a popular destination on this street."

There is no "I" in Beer OR peace.

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