Jason Aldean Responds to Instagram Fans Hating on His Son's Hair

Dad was bragging on his boy's first time boogie boarding and along came the sharks.

Seriously? Do we have to share EVERY opinion about other people's children? Jason Aldean's son has long hair. What more is there to say? Apparently, a lot and it's not all good. Personally, I'd die for a head of hair like that.

Either way, after posting this adorable picture of his son Memphis, some of Jason Aldean's fans felt the need to weigh in about the boy's hair.

One "fan" wrote, "Cool ... now get him to the barbershop, " accompanied by an eye-rolling emoji," and there's plenty more on his instagram post.

Jason replied with the shushing emoji and clenched fist, which IMHO is pretty tame considering there's a middle finger emoji at his disposal. His restraint is much better than those "keyboard critics."

Who would think the length of someone else's child's hair was up for debate?

According to Brittany Aldean, it's not the first time. "It's a huge thing for people," she says. "I don't know why people really care. It's really just because we wanted him to look like a little surfer kid, and he does, and we love it and we think it's the cutest thing ever."

We do too. Hang loose, little man.

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