Check Out My Finished Garage

Y'all... I never knew a garage could look so pretty, but California Closets has made my garage the best thing to come home to! As soon as I pull in the garage, I feel at ease seeing all of the organization.

Just look at how sleek everything is!!

There's so much storage space and even a spot to hide our new deep freezer! It's currently backordered... but for reference it'll be where our coolers are right now.

My favorite part... the fusion track wall!! These allow me to put everything up on the wall... kids bikes, workout equipment, yard tools... even our ladder!

Check out all the details:

If you've been following along on my organization journey, you know that this is my third project. We started with the closet, then the pantry and now my garage. Who knew organizing could be so fun and EASY?!

Looking to take that step and get organized? Check out my friends at California Closets of Nashville!

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