Step One Of My Closet Transformation Is Complete

In 2019 I want to get organized, so the first thing I’m starting with is my master closet.  

I met with Kylee my California Closets designer last week and let me tell you… I am so pumped! She came over last week for my complimentary consultation and she measured and showed me samples, which was AMAZING. 

Right now I have cubbies that are built into the closet that are an odd shape and they don’t really make sense. I never know what to put into them. 

Kylee handed me an iPad and I was able to swipe through examples of what we could put in place of these cubbies. It was really easy. I just went through and put a heart on the things I liked and swiped past the one that weren't really my style.

Kylee and I had a real conversation about how this transformation of my closet is going to better my life. And what I mean by that is that I’m going to be more organized with my clothes. I’m going to be able to find things easier, I’ll be able to get dressed faster, and honestly having my clothes out and displayed in a proper manner enables me to see everything that I have. I feel like I’m going to cut down on shopping.. so this is a win/win for my husband too. 

My next step is meeting Kylee at the California Closets showroom where I’ll get to see the custom design that she’s made for me based on things we picked out! 

If you're thinking of joining in on bettering yourself in 2019 with organization, check outCalifornia Closets Nashville! Sign up for the complimentary consultation and you'll see completing step one of your own closet transformation is that easy! 


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