A Look Into My Finished Closet

It's only a few months into 2019 and I can already check something off of my resolution list! In 2019 I wanted to better myself by getting organized, and California Closets has helped me achieve that.

Take a look into my NEW and improved master closet!

I am seriously OBSESSED.

When we started this process I told Kylee, my California Closets designer, that with being a new mom my closet is my safe haven at times. It's my place where I can just sit and cry, or catch my breath. Without the clutter my safe haven can truly be a place for relaxation, instead of a reminder of what I need to clean up/organize. I no longer get the "cluttered" feeling in there.

My closet is now organized and everything has a place -- and I truly mean everything has a place, look at the hooks for my purses and bags!

And how cute is this little window bench?! It covers our dirty laundry baskets without drawing attention to them.

I cannot say enough good things about my new closet and the experience that I have had with California Closets!!

Make sure to check back for a full video look into my closet and my entire California Closets experience.

If you're thinking of joining in on bettering yourself in 2019 with organization, do yourself a favor and check out California Closets Nashville! Sign up for the complimentary consultation and thank me later!


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