MuttNation Monday: Meet Myrtle

Allow us to introduce you to Nashville Humane Association's Myrtle.... 

Myrtle is a is a 2-year-old Shih Tzu Mix, who weighs 10 pounds. She is a spayed female, current on all her shots and is microchipped. This wonderful girl is move-in-forever-home READY! 

That's right. A Shih Tzu Mix is a featured this week for MuttNation Monday. Normally a 10-pound cutie like Mrytle doesn't fall into the senior or pit bull dog mix that you're use to seeing each week, but sweet Mrytle does fall into the "harder to adopt" category. And that's just another reason why love MuttNation Monday so much with their dedication to featuring all the underdogs out there! Just. Like. Myrtle. This little girl is a recent puppy mill rescue from the state of TN. Her living conditions were not ideal. Her social interaction with humans was limited. This girl is so shy, and so unsure, yet you can see in her eyes: She wants the love. And to just be a dog so so bad! This girl needs to find an understanding, plus patient, person or family, to call her own. The best way to start that process is to approach her slowly, sit down on the ground with her, and let her sniff you out. After that, pick her up and place her on your lap. Just sit. Just whisper to her. Tell her how deserving she is. Before you know it, her big black eyes will be looking into yours with a thankful reassurance. Then just continue to do what you're doing. You'll see. She truly wants to be the most perfect lap dog. It's just going to take time. Please trust us when we say "Once she opens up - you'll see - She’s very affectionate!" because it's true. Living on NHA's adoption floor, Mrytle is on the up and up! 

It’s like she can finally relax. Her energy is so much better, she's curious to meet new people, her tail wags, and you can just feel it when you spend time with her… she is hopeful. Shelter life is 100% better than Puppy Mill life. And guess what? A life in a forever home will be 1000% better. The person who adopts Mrytle is going to experience so many firsts with her. For example... walking comfortably on a leash, enjoying the feel of grass on her feet, snuggling next to a human that loves her. 

Myrtle is so thankful to be featured today with The Big 98. The first couple of years for this dog was ruff, but thanks to her new MuttNation and Wayne D Show friends, paws are crossed her next chapter will be in the Forever Home she dreams of. 

Just ask Wayne D and Tay since this is a MuttNation Monday Fact: Once you meet Myrtle you will see that no other dog will ever #LoveHarder when ADOPTED! 

Nashville Humane Association is open for adoptions Tuesday through Sunday from 10am to 5pm and Myrtle can't wait to meet her future forever family. Please visit NHA today! 

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