Dear Dad...

Dear Dad,

You, sir...are one helluva man. And I just want to say thanks...for so many things. Thanks for all the advice, thanks for showin' me how to shave, for teachin' me how to drive a straight-drive...thanks for NOT tellin' Momma about that one thing Okay...maybe two or three things.

Thank ya kindly, sir, for makin' me go back to get that second switch because the first one was more like a weed. Thanks for bein' tough and kind...and everything in between. YOU are the stick from which I measure the greatness of a man...and a greatness I try everyday to achieve.

Thanks for ALL the things you've done that made me the man I am today. You're my hero, Diddy. And one of the last of the Good Guys.

Thanks for ALWAYS bein' there. I love you!

#HappyFathersDay y’all!

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