Neighbor Panics Seeing Fake Clark Griswold Hanging From Roof

We all remember the classic scene from National Lampoon Christmas Vacation with Clark Griswold hanging from the roof.

A family in Austin, Texas decorated their outdoor Christmas decorations from the movie and had a dummy hanging as a tribute to Griswold. A neighbor was driving and FREAKED OUT thinking it was a real person in distress. 

You can see in the video when Alfred Norwood, Jr ran up to the front of the house and tried to get the dummy down with a ladder. When the dummy was unresponsive, he called 911. 

"I thought, ‘Oh my God! I hope he’s not dead. Let me call 911," Norwood told KVUE.


Norwood, who happens to be a military veteran, said he was 'trying to get him down any way he could' according to KVUE.

Norwood fell for the prank only a day after the dummy had been put up. Now, the family has put a sign in their yard saying not to call 911 that 'Clark' is only part of Christmas decorations. 

Tige and Daniel

Tige and Daniel

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