Jana Kramer Follows '24-Hour Rule' To Rebuild Trust In Husband Mike Caussin

Jana Kramer Follows '24-Hour Rule' To Rebuild Trust In Husband Mike Caussin

Jana Kramer reveals one of the ways in which she and her husband Mike Caussin rebuild trust.

The country singer opened up about how she's dealt with Cuassin's infidelity and the progress the couple's made sine starting therapy in a new episode of their podcast, "Whine Down With Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin." In the episode Kramer answers a listeners email who asked "How do you rebuild trust when even his love is a trigger?"

"That's what I've always been trying to find though. How do you rebuild trust? I think it's just time," Kramer said, adding, "Time and a lot of therapy and a lot of proving, consistent, rigorous honesty."

"One thing we learned from therapy is the 24-hour rule," she reveals. "You have 24 hours. If you lie [you have time] to come back and say, I messed up. That was a lie and that shows change. That shows some honesty. That shows a little of growth."

She adds, "I would say get into therapy because it's worth it."


Monday's show sparked rumors that the pair was going through a rough patch as Caussin was not present for the episode like usual. This comes after last week's breakup rumors stemming from an Instagram post by Kramer about "time healing all wounds."

In addition to the photo, fans also noticed that Kramer removed the word "wife" from her Instagram bio. She also removed Caussin's name from the title of their joint podcast, "Whine Down With Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin."


Kramer and Caussin have been open about sharing the ups and downs of their relationship with the public through their podcast. In a recent episode the two discussed a fight over a topless photo that was sent to Caussin.

On the episode the couple told fans that Kramer went through her Caussin's Apple Watch and found a topless woman's photo that he had deleted from his phone without telling his wife. Caussin didn't recognize the phone number, and when he saw it decided to delete it.

The couple later claimed that the number was actually a "bot" that had sent similar messages to several friends of the couple. "I totally get why he would delete it and not tell me," Kramer previously said on the incident. "I get that thought process 100%. It's just that the toll that the trauma takes...I don't know how much I've got left of that to cry out anymore."

The couple's since moved on from the topless photo issue, although the most recent breakup rumors have yet to be addressed by Kramer or Caussin.

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