New Flavors: Ben and Jerry's Win Valentines Day

I. Love. Ice. Cream. The phrase "it's too cold," just isn't in my vocabulary. 

If you're like me, then dig in! Ben & Jerry’s is about to introduce three new flavor and they sound DELISH.

The new flavors include:

Urban Bourbon – A base of burnt caramel ice cream, with almonds, fudge flakes and bourbon caramel swirls. Note: Perfect combination for emotional eaters who like a little something strong after a rough day at work. 

Oat of this Swirled – A base of brown sugar ice cream (technically, you could stop right there and it would be incredible, but wait...there's more), mixed with fudge flakes and chunks of oatmeal cinnamon cookies.

Truffle Kerfuffle – A vanilla ice cream base, mixed with roasted pecans, fudge flakes and salted chocolate ganache. Note: Save this one for those Ben and Jerry brick and mortar visits. Fun to say. 

Best news ever? The new flavors arrive by Valentine's Day, just in time to spoon feed your love!! Flying solo? Even better...more for you! 

Source: People 

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