Silly Game Day Predictions For Football Dummies

Courtesy of the Tennessean

You don't have to know a thing about football or the BIG Game to get a kick out of these game day predictions. The Tennessean listed 50 predictions for this year's Super Bowl. Even if you know nothing about the game, or sports for that matter, you'll get a chuckle from our Top 10 faves!

Which one would YOU put money on?   

1) Luke Bryan will draw out the last note of the national anthem, sparking fist bumps from those who bet the over at 2:09.

2) The Patriots will lose the coin flip, then accuse the Falcons of cheating.

3) Fans in Las Vegas sports books will tear up five-team parlays that have the Patriots winning the coin flip.

4) A poll of people watching on TV will find out 97 percent of them have no idea where the game is being played.

5) Lady Gaga will say something nasty about President Trump. He’ll respond by saying Janet Jackson’s halftime show the last time the Super Bowl was in Houston was much better.

6) Janet will have a wardrobe malfunction. No one will notice.

7) The Chargers announce at halftime that instead of moving north to Los Angeles, they will move south to Tijuana. Mexico immediately announces plans for a border wall of its own.

8) A company no one has heard of will spend $5 million on a Super Bowl commercial. No one will notice.

9) Someone on the broadcast will say “Houston, we have a problem” when the game gets out of hand.

10) At least one commercial will make you cry.  It will most likely feature a puppy, horse or elderly person, possibly all in the same ad.

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