Someone's Crazy Bet On The Rams' Score Turned $250 Into $100K!

Over the weekend, s omeone was smart enough to bet $250 on the L.A. Rams only scoring three points during the Big Game.

I think it's safe to say that not many people would've predicted that it would've been the LOWEST scoring Super Bowl ever.

It looks like someone had a gut feeling that it would be a low scoring game thank to their bet.

Over the weekend, someone put $250 down on the Rams only scoring three points. The line on that was 400-to-1 and they got paid big time!

The lucky person cashed out with $100,000. The bet was placed at the South Point Sports Book in Las Vegas however, there's no word who the bettor is.

Apparently, there were four bets on three points but the other three were small amounts.

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