Get To Know Amy Paige

For International Women's Day we're putting a spotlight on some of the women powering The BIG 98!

Meet Amy Paige!

We sat down with Amy Paige, the voice bringing lots of joy to middays on The BIG 98, to get to know her, along with her role in the radio industry a little better.

What made you want to get into radio/music?

Let’s call it divine intervention. I was trying to find my way around campus, when I stumbled upon a stairwell with an arrow pointing downward. The letters “WHPC” was written above it. So, I followed my arrow which led me straight to the campus radio station. Once I cracked the mic, it became clear...this is where I belong.

What was your journey like from starting out to where you are now?

Pretty fantastic. My first paying “gig” in radio was dressing up as a station mascot. Every minute of my “spare time” was spent interning and pulling over nights, at an iconic Long Island alternative station, responsible for bringing bands like U2, The Police and the Cure to the United States. I came in on the tail end of that ground breaking era, but it was still early enough to learn that passion and personality is more important than sounding “perfect” on air. Dare to be different. Don’t blend in. Stand out. (Paragraph) I spent 5 years at an amazing country station in NY where I attended Garth in Central Park, hosted weekly concerts held between the Twin Towers, discovered St Jude Country Cares (another insatiable passion), made life-long friends and eventually met my husband. (Paragraph) Shortly after 9/11 (yes, we were in NY), we relocated to the DC/Baltimore are where I had the distinct honor of broadcasting to our nation’s capital. (Paragraph) One year after having our first child, we made the leap to Nashville, where I began working at Sirius XM’s The Highway and Prime Country. After being courted by the legendary WSIX on music row, I came back to earth because there’s nothing like LOCAL RADIO! It’s really been a DREAM.

What advice would you give to young girls that want to pursue a career in our field?

Figure out which part of broadcasting you love. Create every opportunity to lean more about it. Use your passion and everything you learn to inspire others. STAY POSITIVE. Some people will try to dull your shine and put out your fire. Shine brighter and turn up the heat.

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