Get To Know Ashley

For International Women's Day we're putting a spotlight on some of the women powering The BIG 98!

Meet Ashley!

We sat down with Ashely, the Promotions Director for The BIG 98, to get to know her, along with her role in the radio industry a little better.

What made you want to get into radio/music?

I was looking for an internship in college in the marketing field and I loved country music, so I was driving around one day when it clicked and I figured where better to learn about marketing and promotions than a radio station? It was a bonus that I was going to be working around something I had a passion for. 

What was your journey like from starting out to where you are now?

I started in radio as an intern, to part-time, to a promotions coordinator. From there I learned all I could about the business moving into different departments within the company and became the promotions director for 3 stations which prepared me for becoming the promotions director here at The BIG 98! I was also asked to join the national events team so I get to help put on the iHeartRadio Music Festival and other major events for the company. Along the way I set goals of what I envisioned the next step in was career was and figured out the best way to accomplish that goal. I even left radio for a few years which gave me some great experience and the confidence I needed to come back and be a better promotions director. 

What advice would you give to young girls that want to pursue a career in our field?

Learn everything you can, and remember to be a team player- it will get you noticed.Don't be afraid to take chances and put yourself out there, you'll grow so much more from taking the chance than staying in your comfort zone. Set goals for yourself and if you come to a point where you've hit a dead end, find a different route to accomplish your goal- success isn't always a straight line. Build genuine relationships and always remember to thank those that have helped you. Most importantly love what you do, you'll have ups and downs but if you truly love what you are doing it really won't feel like work. 

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