Get To Know Producer Mari

For International Women's Day we're putting a spotlight on some of the women powering The BIG 98!

Meet Producer Mari!

We sat down with Mari, Tige & Daniel's producer, to get to know her, along with her role in the radio industry a little better.

What made you want to get into radio/music?

Originally, I went to school for music journalism. I had an internship with a few publications while doing college radio for fun. After I graduated, I got a part time job with iHeartMedia (Clear Channel at the time) with event support while looking for a full time job in journalism, but I never left radio!

What was your journey like from starting out to where you are now?

I started my radio career as part time event support and the front-desk receptionist. After a few years of being the ‘director of first impressions’ I was promoted to the Promotions Assistant for 107.5 the River, was later promoted as Executive Assistant, and now I’m the Executive Producer for the Tige and Daniel Show on The BIG 98.

What advice would you give to young girls that want to pursue a career in our field?

Now is the time for women to shine in radio! Reach out to a female on the radio that inspires you. If you’re able to intern for a station, let your personality show and look for ways to get involved with the radio shows in addition to internship duties. The more your passion shows for what you want to do the further it will take you. 

Want to keep up with Mari? Follow her on Instagram and Twitter!

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