Voices for Valor: Lee Brice, Chuck Wicks, and More

Chuck Wicks, Lee Brice, and Tyler Farr will take the stage at the new Mulehouse for Voices for Valor on May 22nd.

Tickets to the show can be purchased by following the link below. Can't make it to the show, but still want to support Special Forces Charitable Trust? You can purchase access to the livestream of the event by clicking HERE or make a donation online by clicking HERE. You can also donate during the livestream by clicking HERE. By donating during the stream, you'll be in the running for a guitar signed by Lee Brice.

All funds raised through this event come back to Special Forces Charitable Trust, providing programs and financial support to our Nation’s finest Green Berets and their families.

Special Forces Charitable Trust is a charitable organization that supports the Green Beret Community and their Families. Green Berets are called the “Quiet Professionals” - they would never seek help. The Special Forces Charitable Trust is their voice - they provides discreet support that promotes the emotional and mental “wealth” of these deserving warriors and their families. 

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