Victim Injured During Shootout Near Nashville Arrested By Police

Photo: Getty Images

Whenever you think of who would be arrested when one person opens fire on another, your immediate though is likely the suspect who initiated the gunfire. While that is usually the case, a victim of a recent shootout in Nashville was the person who was ultimately apprehended by law enforcement.

On August 31, Metro Police responded to reports of a shootout outside a Madison shopping center on Gallatin Pike North near McKinley Street, WKRN reports. During the course of the investigation, officers determined that a suspect opened fire into a vehicle outside the shopping center, injuring 21-year-old Jason Potter, Jr., who fired back. Potter was taken to a local hospital to receive treatment for his injuries.

Police searched Potter's car, discovering a loaded gun stolen out of Chattanooga as well as marijuana, heroin and cocaine and more than $800 in cash. He was arrested Thursday (September 9) on several charges, including theft of a firearm and multiple drug charges.

According to the news outlet, detectives have called the incident "an attempted homicide," however they have not stated if the suspected shooter was captured.

No other details have been released, and the investigation remains ongoing.

This isn't the first time a victim of a crime has been arrested after the incident. Earlier this year, a Louisiana burglary victim was arrested after allegedly robbing the suspect and his girlfriend at gunpoint days later.

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