The Best Cheesecake In Tennessee

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Cheesecake is one of the most versatile desserts you can ask for. You can order an indulgent chocolate-lover's dream, try a light slice with a sweet fruit topping or stick with a classic and try it plain and delicious as is. However you prefer to enjoy your cheesecake, there is a slice just right for you.

Using reviews, awards and accolades, and personal experience, LoveFood compiled a list of the best cheesecake in every state from "classic with vanilla and strawberry or a New York-style based cheesecake" to "something decadent, rich, and piled with toppings."

According to the list, the best cheesecake in Tennessee can be found at Sweet Dreams Bakery & Bubble Tea. While this Nashville bakery has an incredible collection of sweet treats, from egg tarts and pies to boba tea and smoothies, the Japanese Light Cheese Cake is the best cheesecake around.

Sweet Dreams Bakery & Bubble Tea is located at 443 Cool Springs Boulevard #115 in Franklin.

Here's what LoveFood had to say:

"Sweet Dreams Bakery & Bubble Tea is the place to find something a little different to your usual slice of rich, creamy cheesecake. Here, one of the specialties is Japanese-style cheesecake. It comes in an oval shape (enough for two) or as a larger round cake, and people love that it's light, fluffy, and not overly sweet. Customers also rate the egg custard tarts and, of course, the bubble or boba tea."

Check out LoveFood's full list to see where you can find more of the best cheesecake around the country.

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